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Wide Array of Materials

wide array of materials

As a journalist for the local paper, Tim had very little time to dream about the possibilities.  When he wasn’t writing, he fancied himself as an amateur interior decorator.  At least three times a year he shifted his furniture from one location to the other.  His condo was filled with an eclectic array of wall coverings, window treatments and rugs.  Bored with what he found at Portland furniture stores, he contacted Portland Upholstery Specialist to reupholster his existing seating, pillows and ottomans.  He loved that we had a wide array of materials to select from.

Specialty Materials

We showed Tim nearly every textile in stock.  Because he had discerning tastes, every fabric he chose happened to be a specialty item.  This meant that we had to special order the textiles.  Time was happy to wait if it meant that he would receive exactly what he wanted.  We have a variety of materials available.  Clients may choose from Eglomise glass, shagreen, gold leaf, walnut veneers and marquetry patterns.  He was particularly fond of shagreen made from sting ray.  It is a durable textile that will last beyond a lifetime.  Shagreen comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

Standard Materials

Upon meeting Tim and experiencing a tour of his condo, we knew that he was a special person.  It was clear that he had discerning tastes.  The product specialist shared a variety of materials with him.  She also showed him photos of our previous work.  Some of the materials we typically work with are vinyl, leather, twill, linen, canvas and corduroy.  Many of our clients prefer microfiber blends, chenille and velvet.  Tim was not interested in any of these fabrics.  He wanted exotic materials that defied the norm.  His goal was to shock his guests with texture, color and patterns.

Free Sample Swatches

During the free consultation, the product specialist presented Tim with our digital portfolio.  Based on what he mentioned in the email, she also brought several books of product samples.  Tim was dizzy with the possibilities.  We left him with a stack of sample swatches that gave him the freedom to shack up with the textiles before having to commit.  After two weeks he had made his choice.  Our team began the process of reupholstering his benches, ottomans, sofas, dining room chairs, window seats and love seat.  When you choose Portland Upholstery Specialist, feel free to take a few swatches to help you during the selection process.

Save Money

With the level of quality we offer, our clients constantly ask us how we are able to provide such value at ridiculously low prices.  Tim even told us we need to charge more.  We love to pass savings onto our customers.  Portland Upholstery Specialist is able to provide remarkable services at such low prices because we purchase textiles, padding and foam at wholesale prices.  We also charge less for labor because we our upholsterers are masters of technique.  This means that we spend less time on each item while rendering a personal masterpiece.  Choose us and save money on your upholstery project.

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