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    Welcome to Portland Upholstery Specialist, where we specialize in upholstery and furniture restoration.  As long as you’re breathing, you might as well surround yourself with beauty.  Have your home and place of work mimic your personal style, temperament and taste.  Be inspired when you cross the threshold.  Feel renewed and proud to show your home off to your guests.  A newly upholstered item is a conversation piece.  Discuss where and when you acquired it and how you painstakingly discovered the right contractor and selected the perfect fabric.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you, your interior designer or architect.

    About Us

    There are upholsterers and then there are craftsmen and women.  Portland Upholstery Specialist is comprised of master craftsmen with artistic flairs.  We are more than capable of helping our clients select the appropriate fabrics and listen to their inner guidance while choosing patterns and colors.  Take a look at our digital portfolio to view the breadth of our work.  We’d be happy to provide you with a list of commercial and residential references.  Clients praise us for our attention to detail, soft skills, high level of professionalism and craftsmanship.  Book an appointment for a free consultation and estimate.

    Our Services

    Well, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.  But since you’re sofa, chairs and ottoman have been in dire need of reupholstering for quite a while, it’s time to call Portland Upholstery Specialist.  Ticking upholstering off your to-do list is empowering.  It frees up mental space in your mind to tackle new projects.  Once you’re on a roll, there will be no stopping you.  We are conveniently located in Portland, Oregon.  Take advantage of our affordable residential and commercial upholstery services.  We offer furniture repair and restoration.  Enlist us for custom furniture for your home or office.

    functional chair after repair service

    Residential / Commercial Reupholstery Services

    There’s no need to move, repaint or purchase new furniture.  New upholstery can do for your home and office what paint cannot do.  Feel renewed upon crossing the threshold.  We can upholstery seating, walls, window treatments and more.  There are thousands of colors, patterns, textures and fabrics to choose from.  We have been able to grow our business because we put our customers first.  Ask us for a list of residential and commercial references.

    antique furniture repair in progress

    Antique/Furniture Repair/Restoration

    What’s been stopping you from having your antique furniture repaired?  It’s not going to reupholster itself.  Perhaps its your fear of the price tag.  Portland Upholstery Specialist offers affordable upholstery that won’t break the bank.  There is a great deal that goes on behind the scenes.  Our veteran craftsmen and women make it look easy.  We primarily rely on a handful of tools to create magic.  Preserve your legacy with antique restoration and repair.

    “I was driving down the road when I noticed a mid-century Scandinavian sofa sticking out of a dumpster.  I drove past then turned around and pulled over.  Sure enough, I was right.  My husband and I pulled it from the trash, parked it on the front porch and called Portland Upholstery Specialist.  They refinished the wood and reupholstered it with a knotty twill.” – Amanda S.

    Custom Furniture

    Most people will never have the privilege of owning custom furniture.  They will head to multi-national conglomerates for discounted furniture made on a time clock in sweat shops by children and disenfranchised people.  Ordering custom furniture is the eco-friendly option.  Your furniture should represent your unique personality and taste level.  Leave it to us to design multi-functional furniture for your abode or office.  We use hidden storage units to get the most out of seating, wall and bar coverings.

    custom furniture in progress

    Custom Cushions

    Once you see all the options at your disposal, you won’t be able to stop with one room.  Like most clients, the bedroom will lead to the living room and then you’ll want custom cushions for your home office and entertainment area.  We can create anything you can imagine using an industrial sewing machine, scissors and upholstery stapler.  Consider non-standard shapes for your home or office.  We have created custom cushions for living rooms, baby rooms, large bathrooms and communal work areas.

    custom cushion in progress

    “My best friend and I like to go to estate sales every Saturday.  On our latest find, I scored a gorgeous tufted ottoman.  The fabric was soiled.  Portland Upholstery Specialist reupholstered it in red sting ray and kept the tufting.  It’s the most interesting piece I have in my home!” – Clarice S.

    wide array of materials

    Wide Array of Materials

    There is no rush to make a decision right away.  We recognize that these things take time.  After your initial free consultation, the product specialist will give you a few sample swatches to help you make the most informed decision possible.  Save money by having your furniture reupholstered rather than purchasing something new.  We work with a variety of standard and specialty materials including, linen, chenille, cordouroy, sting ray, shark skin, walnut veneers and more.

    functional chair after reupholster service

    Why Reupholster

    Reupholstering saves clients money.  You could opt to go to a big box retailer or discount store for your furniture, but sorry to say, it all looks the same.  It’s all overstuffed, rectangular, upholstered in grey, beige or some other non descript color.  Enter any home in America and see the same furniture from coast to coast.  Express yourself with custom upholstery.  Differentiate yourself from the masses.  It’s also a great way to preserve heirlooms.

    “I own an antique bed frame with headboard that has been in my family for nearly 100 years.  My grandparents brought it with them from China.  The tapestry covering the headboard had never been replaced.  We were apprehensive when hiring Portland Upholstery Specialist but they didn’t disappoint.  In fact they exceeded our expectations.” – Mike & Jen L.

    Contact Us Today

    There’s no reason why your home can’t look like a photograph straight out of Home & Garden.  You don’t have to be rich and famous to have an abode that provides safety, sanctity and inspiration.  Reupholstering your furniture is a great way to feel renewed and upgrade your interior décor.  Your home and place of work should be representative of your unique personality and tastes.  It makes work and home more enjoyable.  Contact us for upholstery and furniture restoration.