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Custom Furniture

custom furniture project completed

Custom furniture is a privilege.  While most people shop for personal property at big box discount stores, our customers are part of the design process.  They take part in the selection of colors, textures, patterns, fabrics and cushion quality.  Creating a custom piece of furniture is a two-way process between the designer and the client.  We love to sit down with clients to turn their vision into a three dimensional design.  We cater to your unique style with unique silhouettes and features.  Co-create a piece that fits perfectly in your home or office.

Unique Just Like You

Pamela had always wanted a hi-lo, red velvet, tufted chaise lounge.  She had seen them at a few department and furniture stores but none had all the features she desired.  One had every aspect she wanted but it was midnight blue with faux diamond buttons.  That’s when she called Portland Upholstery Specialist.  A friend recommended she contact us for a customized piece.  When we met Pam, it was easy to see why the chaise lounge had to be red and velvet.  Her temperament was simultaneously even-keeled and vibrant.  Custom furniture gives clients the opportunity to create furniture to their liking, versus picking whatever is on the showroom floor.

Multi Functional Furniture

Manufacturers of mass produced furniture have one goal in mind and that is to make money.  They will cut costs wherever feasible.  Appearance and practicality often take a back seat.  Portland Upholstery Specialist designs multi function furniture.  Pamela wanted her chaise lounge to serve as a sleeper for guests, a place she could read comfortably and day dream leisurely.  This meant that it had to be large enough to accommodate an adult and the back must be adjustable to allow for reading and lounging.  We incorporated a lever for hi and lo adjustments and everything in between.

High Quality and Longevity

The items you’ll find at IKEA and Target are reasonably attractive.  They tend to be on trend and come in a variety of color ways.  But everyone knows that when you purchase items from a discount store, they have a finite lifespan.  Pamela wanted something that would last.  She had planned to pass her adjustable, red velvet chaise lounge down to her daughter.  She imagined her daughter reading, sleeping and dreaming with a fluffy cat in her lap.  This gave her comfort.  We used the highest quality padding and foam for her chaise lounge.  The red velvet we sourced was plush and designed to last a lifetime.

3 Dimensional Graphic Design

The only thing better than seeing your vision come to life is experiencing that vision.  When you work with us, we will transform the image in your head into a three dimensional graphic design.  You will be able to see exactly what your custom piece will look like before it is rendered.  We can incorporate custom hardware into your bespoke piece.  Our team of master upholsterers can craft brass handles, buttons and more.  Clients are able to track the source of each material.  We can even recycle old foam, padding and textiles as a way to minimize your environmental footprint.

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