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Our Services

professional upholstery service specialists

They say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  The problem is that sofa and those chairs have been in dire need of restoration and reupholstering for years and you ain’t fixed it.  The time is now to take control of your life and tick some of those things off your mental to-do list that you’ve been putting off for years.  We are located within the vicinity.  Our team will pick up your furniture, take it to the workshop and have it reupholstered by week’s end.  Increase the value of your furniture and extend its lifespan with new and improved foam, padding and fabrics.  There are several reasons to reupholster.  The primary reason is that it’s less expensive than purchasing a new piece.  In fact, if you like, we can change the silhouette for a completely new look.

Our upholstery and restoration services include:

We work with a variety of materials including, vinyl, leather, chenille, velvet, twill, linen, canvas, corduroys and microfiber blends.  We’ll leave you with a few samples after your free consultation to help you decide.  Are you on hunt for something different?  Consider Eglomise glass, shagreen, gold leaf, walnut veneers or marquetry patterns.  Have custom cushions designed for your breakfast nook, diner, living room, entertainment area or bedroom.  Instead of purchasing an over stuff behemoth in grey or some other non-descript color, enlist us to design custom furniture for your abode or place of work.

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