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Custom Cushions

custom cushion in progress

Jaslean was fortunate to have traveled the world as a flight attendant.  She had grand tastes with a small budget.  After spending time in Morocco and India, she decided to forego the traditional sofa and chair.  She opted for multi-cushioned floor seating similar to what she had witnessed during her travels.  While we are very comfortable reupholstering furniture items, we love to stretch our creative skills to fashion custom cushions for clients.  Our team is versed in throw pillows, window seats and more.  New filling, foam and fabric is used to create mini works of art.

Anything You Can Imagine

Fluffy, plush, stiff or relatively flat – we can do whatever you can imagine.  Round, square, triangular, cylindrical, cloud or star shaped.  Like the Genie, your wish is our command.  Evoke the spirit of a medieval palace, seaside Mediterranean paradise or Saharan oasis.  After meandering through the souks in Marrakesh, Jaslean was inspired to create her own real life fantasy.  We studied photos from her travels and did a bit of poking around ourselves on the Internet.  The design team studied the purpose and history of floor seating in that part of the world.  We were able to merge cultures to make her idea practical for everyday usage.

Non Standard Shapes

The beauty of custom is that it is designed for the unique shape of your home.  If you have an oddly shaped window, we can customize window seats for it.  Chair cushions, upholstered banquets, floor and bedding pillows.  Perhaps you have a couch that you love and cannot bear to part with but the seat cushions are worn and discolored.  Enlist Portland Upholstery Specialist to make perfectly matched custom cushions in the perfect hue and texture.  We have executed stars and clouds for baby rooms.  Our team can create custom hearts as décor for bedrooms and living rooms.  Let us know what you have in mind.

Endless Customization Options

Dancing was one of Jaslean’s hobbies.  She had been dancing since she was 5 years old.  Due to a lack of space, she wanted her living room to double as a dance floor.  Jas had beautiful hard wood floors.  When the custom floor pillows were removed, she could pirouette, spin and twirl as much as she wanted to.  Around the edges of the pillow unit we created a ridge for aesthetic reasons and to serve as an arm rest.  Enlist us to explore endless options.  We can create custom pillows for chairs, sofas, loveseats, chaise lounges, banquets and more.

Take a Few Samples with You

Because we work with local upholstery suppliers, we have a wealth of fabric swatches available to take home with you.  Take a moment to live with the different fabrics, colors and pattern.  We give you an opportunity to rub each textile between your fingers to determine if you’d like to feel that sensation on a daily basis.  We are not stingy with our fabric swatches.  Take as many as you need.  A product specialist will follow up with you to see how you’re progressing.  You may decide to go in a totally different direction or stay on the same path.

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