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Why Reupholster

materials for reupholstery service

Unless you plan on going to Dumpsters R Us for your sofa, reupholstering is a much more financially efficient option.  Maybe you’ve had your sofa for over ten years and you’re tired of looking at it, laying on it and having it in your space.  There is another option.  You don’t have to have it hauled away.  We can change the silhouette, color, pattern and texture.  Ms. Mitchell had the same old sofa since the 80’s.  The sofa was beige with a duck print.  The ducks had blue bows around their necks.  When she called us to reupholster it, the fabric had pilled and the print had faded.

Honor a Beloved Family Member

Although Ms. Mitchell was a baby boomer, she confessed that the sofa was not her style.  Her favorite aunt had given her that sofa and so she wanted to keep her memory alive by having the sofa reupholstered.  During the initial free consultation, she explained to us that her aunt was a zoologist and had made many strides within her field at a time when most women were stay at home mothers.  We informed Ms. Mitchell that she could hold onto the essence of her aunt while still honoring her personal tastes.

Perfect for your Home

Instead of tossing out your old furniture and purchasing something you don’t really like, simply because of the lack of variety on the market consider reupholstering.  Finding the right piece requires time and patience.  What you have may already be perfect for your home, albeit worn.  It may fit into that odd corner or take up the right amount of space.  Ms. Mitchell liked that her aunt’s sofa was the perfect size.  She just wanted to change the fabric and add firmer cushions.  Ultimately, she selected a blue-grey chenille.  We updated the padding and foam for an ergonomic sitting experience.

Eco Friendly Alternative

The sofa was so worn that Ms. Mitchell had considered calling a junk truck to haul it away.  Then she remembered how her aunt would send her the best Christmas and birthday gifts until the day she died.  Because her aunt was a zoologist, she was without a doubt in tune with the environment.  We informed Ms. Mitchell that reupholstering was the eco friendly alternative.  If we all reupholstered rather than bought new, there would be less demand, resulting in less pollution from production.  Consider reupholstering to shrink your environmental footprint.  We will reuse as much original material as possible during the process.

Increase Value and Durability

The sofa Ms. Mitchell inherited from her aunt was made in the 50s.  It was stuffed with wool.  Over time, the stuffing had begun to disintegrate which made for a very uncomfortable sitting experience.  We were able to replace the old wool with new foam and padding.  We used two layers with made for a very ergonomic sitting experience.  Technologically advanced stuffing increased the value and durability of her sofa.  The wood trim was refinished and looked great against the chenille textile.  There are many reasons why you should consider reupholstering.  To learn more about the process, contact us today.

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