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You know you’re in need of new furniture.  Your home is uninspiring.  You want to have a place to come home to reminiscent of a page right out of Home & Garden magazine.  But when you cross the threshold, you go straight to the fridge then plop down on your faded couch and veg out to mindless TV.  Now is the time to contact Portland Upholstery Specialist.  Be renewed and feel safe when you enter your home.  Your abode is your sanctity and should be representative of your personality and unique tastes.  Even if you are a renter, you can still get creative with your personal property without incurring fees from your landlord.

One Saturday afternoon, you happened upon a garage sale.  Not too far from your home, you discovered a diamond in the rough.  Did these people know what they had?  Perhaps it was Scandinavian or an antique piece from the turn of the early 1900s.  Either way, you snatched it up and put it on the front porch.  Steam cleaning will not sooth your mind of the possible debauchery that took place on that couch.  The only way to fully enjoy this work of art is with new upholstery.  Contact Portland Upholstery Specialist to help you select period specific textiles appropriate for your vintage piece.  We do more than upholstery.  Our master craftsmen and women are specialists in furniture refinishing and restoration.  We have a wide array of materials to choose from.  We’ll even give you a few swatches to help you make the best decision.

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