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Antique/Furniture Repair/Restoration

antique furniture repair in progress

Perhaps you scored a diamond in the rough at an estate sale.  The bones of it is solid but it’s in need of tender loving care.  The wood is chipped in a few places, the finish is worn and discolored.  Springs are poking out from the bottom and the fabric is worn, ripped and faded.   But you see the hidden beauty and know that with restoration, it will look like new.  Portland Upholstery Specialist would like to help.  We are experts in restoring antique furniture and making repairs.  Whether you have an antique or modern furniture in need of TLC, we can help.

Your Legacy

The things we take the time and effort to acquire over a lifetime mean a great deal.  Although you may not be able to take it with you doesn’t mean that a child, friend, niece or nephew wouldn’t enjoy it.  There is sentimental value in passing a coveted item from one person to the next.  Heirlooms are unexpected gifts of life and legacy.  Portland Upholstery Specialist helps to preserve heirlooms.  There is always a story to tell, a history, a past to uncover.  Heirlooms unlock keys to the past.  If you have antiques in your possession that you’d like to preserve, contact us today.

Master Craftsman and Women

When it comes to antique furniture repair and restoration, there is nothing we cannot do.  Our digital portfolio showcases the breadth of our work.  We offer upholstery, stripping, painting, veneer and brass polishing services.  Our master craftsmen and women are skilled in refinishing, chair caning, wood repair and chair repair.  We have a reputation for replacing, staining, scratches and repairing cracks.  Our upholstery specialists and furniture restorers have over 10 years of professional experience.  We’d be happy to schedule a free consultation.  Explore the possibilities with an expert.  We are up front about costs and the extent to which we can restore and refurbish.

Behind the Scenes

There is a great deal of work that goes into upholstery and restoration work.  It’s easy to do a poor job.  Years of training, practice and an apprenticeship is necessary to do an execute an excellent job.  We primarily rely on a handful of tools.  Smoothing, tucking, tufting, pulling,  stapling and repeat.  Are you interested in color matching or would you like to step outside of your comfort zone.  Fabrics are sourced from an assortment of vendors.  We are able to match fabrics perfectly.  If you’d like to opt for something a bit different, you may select from a variety of textures, patterns, colors and fabrics.

Affordable Repair and Restoration

There are hundreds of people in the Portland area with old ottomans, ripped chairs and lumpy couches in their basements, attics and living rooms.  These dusty relics are begging for restoration.  In the back of your mind, you keep telling yourself that you’ll get to it.  Repairing and restoring furniture doesn’t take precedent in your life – mostly because you figure it is an unnecessary expense.  The reality is that this type of service is less expensive than you think.  Portland Upholstery Specialist provides affordable repair and restoration.  Our fees are priced well below market value.

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